March 2015

Innovation Network substitute fuels (IN) was successfully launched December 2014. In the network, 18 partners involved two of which are Associated and two universities with the aim of the area alternative fuels (RDF) innovative fashion. All partners will contribute their interdisciplinary skills and technical expertise.

The intensive cooperation between all feasibility studies and R & D projects in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern be performed. With this project, the parties intend to achieve a leading position in the EBS and industry in Germany. Thereby making an important contribution to a resource-saving, environment-friendly and sustainable recycling economy.

The network operates in the following areas:

  • Extraction and production of high-quality, low-emission and standardized quality EBS from waste
  • For the recycling possibilities to limit production of "new" EES of suitable waste, for which there is currently no reliable means of disposal or in the future
  • Investigation, adjustment and optimization of energy recovery processes for "new" EES
  • Recovery of EBS-derived residues for mining and building materials as a substitute

Network partner are:

    • Ostmecklenburgisch Vorpommersche Verwertungs- Deponie GmbH;
    • Probyt GmbH